SG9665GC Dash Cam Box

The SG9665GC is a dash cam synthetic by using the chinese language organisation road guardian, from one of the most famous contributors in our forum, jokiin. This digital camera is the use of the identical discreet casing because the B40 however has higher great inner hardware. There are three considerable upgrades over the B40:

The SG9665GC is the use of the more recent Novatek NT96655 processor while the B40 makes use of the older Novatek NT96650 processor
The SG9665GC is using the Sony Exmor IMX322 CMOS sensor in preference to the Aptina AR0330.
The SG9665GC is the use of an stepped forward lens

these 3 adjustments have resulted in higher video quality. Video pleasant in the course of the day is superb and night time great is ideal, probable some of the quality night time photos to be had today. (update April 2016: observe the publicity problem and blurry video problem below for a few proprietors). The SG9665GC facts 1080p at 30f/s with a median bit charge of approximately 15,000kpbs. The camera comes with a 1.5″ screen and an external GPS module is protected. The digicam does no longer have buffered parking mode or WiFi.

check out the reviews here:

the opposite benefit of the SG9665GC is that there may be currently 1 supply for the digicam, unlike the B40 that is produced by numerous producers. additionally there is giant guide for the digital camera by means of the manufacturer and resellers and they’re very active in our sprint cam boards.

build best is is pretty precise and on par with the B40. the scale of the camera is 72mm x 52mm x 43mm. while no longer the smallest camera, the shape thing makes this digital camera pretty discreet while established in a vehicle for some of reasons. The digicam mounts immediately to the windshield rather than using a big mount. The shape of the camera is likewise pretty precise for discreet mounting. it can be hooked up excessive up at the windshield so that most effective the lens is visible from the outdoor.
camera versions

through the years there have been incremental enhancements each SG9665GC. so far three versions were released (currently best V3 is being bought)


authentic with serial numbers SB15xxxxx via to SGGCxxxxxxxx. The settings menu will display version range SG20xxxxxx.002 and SG20xxxxxx.V1

V2 (quit of 2015)

at the give up of 2015, V2 become released with camera serial numbers SGGC-Bxxxxxxxx.
The settings menu shows version variety SG20xxxxxx.V2
was up to date due to new factory sensor calibration
makes use of covered memory for calibration data

V3 (2017)

CPL blanketed totally free
Lens housing re-tooled to allow the newly redesigned CPL to clip onto new slots
The real lens is a brand new model

Recognized troubles publicity hassle

some of owners have indicated that the SG9665GC has trouble transitioning from darkish to mild scenarios (popping out of a tunnel, transitioning from a tree cover to bright mild). The video gets washed out / too vivid after going even though a dark scene. the following video demonstrates the problem.
a few proprietors have minimized the trouble by means of angling the camera up 1 notch and looking to get less of the automobile’s hood inside the video. dark hoods can also make the problem seem worse. The CPL filter out does no longer appear to restoration the trouble. We aren’t certain if that is a widespread hassle but. you can examine extra about it on our forum.

Blurry Video

A handful of users have additionally indicated the SG9665GC has blurry video while the temperature adjustments. We are not positive how big this trouble is. click on on the following image to see the problem. you could read greater approximately it here.

Hot Pixels

numerous proprietors have indicated that the SG9665GC has “warm pixels” which can be sizeable in night videos. the following picture illustrates the hassle (proper click on and view image to see a larger photo). This typically can be corrected thru a calibration procedure. The commands for calibration can be provided via the seller thru electronic mail or may be requested on the SG9665GC forum.

Flip external GPS

The external GPS became designed to be mounted on the dash with the “GPS logo” going through upwards. some proprietors need to mount the GPS at the window which would result in the GPS going through the wrong route (downwards). To address this, you could manually turn the GPS antenna as consistent with the video under.

Ought to I buy?

in case you are partial to the B40 sprint cam, you will be very satisfied with the SG9665GC given the improvements in video excellent. Reliability seems to be excellent and road parent affords a number of the first-class pre-income and after-sales provider (via the producer and sellers).

At $150, charge is plenty steeper than the B40 however if video satisfactory and help are your most essential purchasing factors, it’s far difficult to conquer the SG9665GC. simply be aware that the SG9665GC does no longer come with buffered parking mode or WiFi. As of April 2016, a few owners have indicated the camera has exposure and focus issues. currently evaluating how great these issues are. See what different proprietors have to say about the SG9665GC on our discussion board.
in which to buy for lowest charge

There are some locations to purchase this digicam from. rate is approx $a hundred and fifty.